Top 5 Apps for When You Have a Baby

Ok so as you can probs tell from the fact that I have a blog, I use my phone a lot 😳 and even more so since having Reunah (when he’s asleep or feeding may I add- I do actually pay him attention 😍) and have come across some great apps to both help reassure my constant questioning of my parenting ability and aid my nighttime feeding, as well as help document the some of the million photos I have taken so far of Reunah.

Ok here goes:

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My Breastfeeding Mini Break – Part 1

I was going to call this post my breast feeding journey, as typically that’s what it’s referred to, however for me I’d say it was more of a jaunt, or a saunter, or maybe even a breastfeeding mini break…a very stressful and traumatic breast feeding mini break.
That’s not to say I didn’t try my absolute hardest, and I had high hopes for my life as a confident, get my boob out in public breasfeeder, but it just didn’t work out that way for me.

Let me begin…

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Love Brownies – Best Brownies EVER

So this week a lovely friend bought me 6 delicious brownies from the amazing Love Brownies in Ilkley. The cute little shop is located just off the main car park in the centre of town and is a really lovely place to visit for a drink and obv a brownie (it’s pretty small so not one for massive groups I’d say).

The brownies come packaged in individual little paper cases inside a larger green box depending on how many you buy.

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“Ooo, that’s unusual.” – The life of a parent to a baby with a “different” name

When I was pregnant, James and I couldn’t find a name we liked, it wasn’t like he liked some that I didn’t and vice versa – we just couldn’t think of any that sounded just right. We have a pretty standard surname (Simpson) too so it wasn’t like we were going to struggle to find a name that “went” with it – some hilarious friends suggested some classics like “Bart” and “Homer” but surprisingly they didn’t take our fancy!

Before I begin my rant about the annoying people of the world who question his name, I’ll explain how we came up with it…

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Ruffles and Frills – My top 16 picks on the Highstreet Right Now

Here’s a list of my favourite ruffles and frills from across the high street right now, such a fun fashion trend – my fave is number 7 tucked into a pair of skinny cropped jeans and either some strappy heeled sandals or a low ankle boot 😍

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My Top 10 Fun Shoes On ASOS Right Now

I love shoes, in particular fun ones! One of my favourite brands for this sort of thing is Sophia Webster 😍 You’ll probably see a few of these on my Insta feed as I’m obsessed!

However, they are pretty pricey so for me I save them for best, with this in mind I have pulled together a list of my top ten fun shoes on ASOS right now – all Β£55 or under!!!!

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Mokee Wool Nest Review


When we got pregnant and I started to think about baby furniture and accessories, had it been up to me I would have ordered these the day of the first scan, luckily James made me wait until we were at least 30 weeks for fear of tempting fate.

I wanted to try find pieces that would blend into our home and match our style as opposed to making our house look like a newly renovated child minders, especially given the fact that we were maintaining our spare room and simply popping a nursery in the corner.

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Boomf – A surprise gift that made my day!

Yesterday I received some boomf marshmallows for the first time. I’ve heard of them (isn’t the company owned by Kate Middlestons brother?!) and normally this sort of thoughtful gift is right up my street but to be honest I thought they looked a bit of a fad. I mean how random is a picture printed on a marshmallow- scraping the barrel of personalised gifts right there are they not?!

How wrong I was…the gift was totally unexpected (which always makes it nicer) and given to be my one of my new mummy friends Maria (what a thoughtful little cutey).

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Afternoon Tea – The Importance of Being Ladies (not just mummy’s)

Today I had lovely afternoon hosting afternoon tea for some of my lovely mummy friends and babies.

As if on cueΒ Reunah had his first proper daytime nap in his Moses basket today which gave me some time to set the table and get some sandwiches made for the occasion – pre baby I absolutely loved to host and took real pride in setting a pretty table using my vintage crockery and cut glass cake stands at any opportunity.

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