Hospital Bag Tips

So I had no clue what to pack in my hospital bag and kept hearing my other pregnant friends say “all packed up” and “hospital bag at the ready”. So after extensive googling and texting of friends who had either already packed it or had a baby here’s what I came up with:

1. High waisted undies (especially important for C-section births as they bypass the scar). I used these ones from Matalan and they were ideal.

2. Breast pads for when your milk “comes in”, I have tried a few and found these ones from Boots to be best as they’re thin, absorbent and stick to your bra.

3. Maternity bra, I opted for these from H&M and they were super comfy and easy to unclip. That said I don’t think I wore a bra for the first 48 hours as I was pretty much constantly trying to feed.

4. Shirt dress nightie, this was essential as it allowed for easy access for feeding but put no pressure on my scar like pyjamas would. I got mine from Primark but you can find similar ones online, I like this one from H&M

5. Sanitary pads, fairly self explanatory as to what these are for  I used these from Boots.

6. Nipple cream is a must, the only one anyone recommended to me was the Lansonoh HPA  Lanolin and I got mine from Amazon as it was cheapest at the time.

7. Nappies for when baby arrives, you do get given some freebies from Bounty but best to take your own too. We started off with Pampers as I wanted a branded nappy, however, we quickly moved on to Aldi and they are by far the best nappy we’ve tried.

8. Baby grows (x 5), vests (x5) and a little hat (x1) Cardigan (x1). We took this pack of baby vests from Mark and Spencer and they were pretty easy to get on a newborn given how scared you are of breaking them. I took a few different baby grows as I wanted him to have his best ones for all the pictures, the ones we got aren’t available now but here’s a similar one from Jojo Maman Bebe, another here from White Company and some multipacks here from M&S (which are really good quality and wash really well too). My top tip for baby grows would be to get ones that button all the way down the front and have built in scratch mits as you don’t want to faff about trying to get it over the babies head when they are so small. The cardigan we took was from M&S here, I got it in size 0-3 and it was HUGE so maybe get newborn

9. Baby blanket to wrap your bundle in when he arrives. We didn’t actually dress Reunah for about 24 hours as we wanted skin to skin, so a blanket is essential to keep them warm and snuggly. I knitted one for Reunah when I was pregnant, but we also took this one from White Company and its a really lovely quality cellular blanket (has little holes in so is safe and breathable) and it washes really well.

10. Dressing gown and slippers, I didn’t actually wear mine as we were in a private room but had I been on a ward these would have been a must.

11. Muslins for when feeding baby, we used these ones from Jojo Mamam Bebe and they are great but definitely need a few washes to soften them up.

12. Water wipes for when you change baby. We opted for these over cotton wool and water as they were less faff and still really gentle on baby’s bottom, I go them from Amazon as they were cheapest at the time.

13. Makeup & toiletries in case you want to try spruce yourself up for pictures and to make sure you can actually have a proper wash when/if you have a shower. For me putting a bit of make up on, having a shower and brushing my teeth made me feel loads better.

Other bits that you could pack that aren’t essential are a little teddy for baby, snacks and cordial for energy, straws to help make drinking more convenient and your phone charger to make sure you can share all your pics of baby with friends and family.

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