Our Not So Nursery, Nursery

I wanted to share some pics of our “nursery”, which is actually just an alcove in our spare room which we have designated to all things baby. I sometimes feel a bit guilty that we haven’t dedicated the whole room to Reunah but my thought process was that he’s a baby and doesn’t really have a clue what nursery is anyway, so for now we are far better keeping our spare room as exactly that, but with the added extra of a mini nursery in the corner.


In addition I have a real dislike for nursery furniture, I just don’t understand the need for a mini wardrobe when you can have a normal sized one?! On that note I also don’t understand the need to hang up baby clothes, all of Reunahs are neatly folded into this tall boy with the odd special piece hung up in our wardrobe or on display on a cute padded hanger.


Due to the size of our alcove we chose this mini cot from Mokee in Stone Blue to match the blue tall boy and grey curtains. It’s really reasonably priced at £79 (for the frame only) and comes flat packed with easy to follow instructions. We chose to buy the Aloe Matress (£39), Top Cot Changer in grey (£34), and White Fitted Sheet (£12). I opted to wait to buy the drawer for underneath as I figured until the cot is on the lowest setting you’d be able to see all the stuff crammed into it, and I’m not a fan of seeing crap – it has to be hidden!

With my hatred of crap in mind I got a lovely basket from Oxfam to hold all of our nappies, wipes and nappy bags. It’s really handy as you can just shove be them all in, they’re easily accessible and the basket hides some wires from my lamp.

As you can see, I opted to use a cot bumper, I read loads of reviews on them around suffocation risk so was really unsure as to whether or not to have one, but in the end I decided that as long as it was tightly tucked down the side of the mattress it was ok – and would stop Reunah getting his feet trapped in the bars. This one from White Company isn’t available anymore but here’s a similar one.


Whilst I was pregnant my husband and I visited The Grove Hotel for a few nights (which was amaze!!! Such a beautiful hotel, with a golf course and a spa…win win – happy wife happy life and all that) and this gorgeous poster was in our room. To commemorate the trip we had it framed for above Reunah’s cot (we also live on a road called The Grove so it was doubly apt).


I also wanted some form of light in there that would double up as a feature.  This sparkle light from M&S (old but similar available here) gives off a really lovely warm glow and is perfect for evening nappy changes as it creates a calm atmosphere with enough light to see what you’re doing.

I’m already excited for when I do an actual nursery for Reunah when he’s a little older, so many ideas eeeek!!



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