Photo Wall Love

I love photos, I don’t have a fancy camera or anything and all my photos are taken on my iPhone and are mostly printed in Boots (Ilkley) as I’m normally too impatient to wait for them to be delivered online or venture into Leeds to a more specialist print shop.

When we moved into our flat I was keen to create a feature wall in the snug and wanted to team it with a place to display some of our many snaps.


We’re lucky to have really high ceilings and quite large rooms, but I think this would look equally great in a smaller room or even a long hallway.

One of my fave things about it is that you can do photo wall takeovers – as you can see we are currently still in a wedding takeover, despite getting married back in 2015.


I think without the photo wall I’d very rarely look at my wedding photos as they are mainly tucked up in a beautiful album under the sofa in the lounge. I genuinely get so much pleasure from looking at the wall and it’s a great talking point when people come to visit.

I do keep meaning to start a Reunah wall takeover but I just have too many photos to choose from, I’ve also taken over quite a few other areas of the house with photos of him and I think it’s nice to have a bit of me and James love up for all to see.


The wall was so easy to create, it’s just four of these IKEA photo shelves attached to the wall. The frames are from a variety of places, I tried to stick to mainly white as I think it looks more uniform despite them being different styles. The J&S are like these from Hobbycraft, I simply sprayed them bronze – I think when I next look to re-do the wall I’ll upgrade these to wooden ones but for now I think they look great.

For more inspiration head over to, this article features some gorgeous photo wall looks.


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