Afternoon Tea – The Importance of Being Ladies (not just mummy’s)

Today I had lovely afternoon hosting afternoon tea for some of my lovely mummy friends and babies.

As if on cue Reunah had his first proper daytime nap in his Moses basket today which gave me some time to set the table and get some sandwiches made for the occasion – pre baby I absolutely loved to host and took real pride in setting a pretty table using my vintage crockery and cut glass cake stands at any opportunity.


My crockery is vintage but IKEA do a similar colour set here for just £20 (18 pcs) or a really similar design here starting from £2 for a side plate.

I didn’t spend ages slaving over food as I just don’t have time but I did take the time to make some ham & mustard and cheese and pickle sandwiches, I’ll blog the recipe for you all (jokes ha! Not gourmet cooking but it’s the thought that counts right?!). I also bought a little quiche, Camembert to bake with pitta for dipping, crisps, little fondant fancies, scones and some mini Bakewell tarts. I got all my food from Aldi as that’s where I get my nappies from so it was nice and convenient – I also picked up a bottle of their prosecco which is under £6 a bottle and delicious.

My gorgeous guests were kind enough to bring some lovely treats including some beautiful M&S roses, 6 Love Brownies Brownies and some boomf marshmallows (blogs on the last two to follow).

However, this post isn’t about the food, table or gifts it about the importance of remaining a Sophie, Maria, Rachel and Sarah (these are my lovely mummy friends) as well as being an amazing mummy (which we all are obv!).

I think it’s really easy to slip into a routine of just being a mummy and going to just mummy things (baby massage, baby sensory, baby yoga…), and there’s a sort of guilt associated with doing some of the things you did pre baby. Don’t get me wrong I go to all the baby groups and cherish my time with Reunah but for me I think what makes me a good mummy is keeping a grasp on who I was before I had a baby. This person loved to socialise, loved a drink and enjoyed a date night most weeks (did I mention loved a drink?!).

Today we were able to enjoy best of both worlds, whilst the babies played together on the floor (they cried, needed feeding and pood – so don’t be imagining some unrealistic angelic babies who just sit and wait for mummy to finish her prosecco!) we listened to music, tucked into our afternoon tea and most importantly devoured three bottles of prosecco! It was one of those days you imagine when you think about maternity leave and I feel really lucky to have such lovely like minded friends to share my time with – who don’t judge my love of a tipple and need to talk about something other than my baby.

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