Boomf – A surprise gift that made my day!

Yesterday I received some boomf marshmallows for the first time. I’ve heard of them (isn’t the company owned by Kate Middlestons brother?!) and normally this sort of thoughtful gift is right up my street but to be honest I thought they looked a bit of a fad. I mean how random is a picture printed on a marshmallow- scraping the barrel of personalised gifts right there are they not?!

How wrong I was…the gift was totally unexpected (which always makes it nicer) and given to be my one of my new mummy friends Maria (what a thoughtful little cutey).


She had taken the time to select some of my favourite pictures of Reunah, James and I as well as some cute baby designs. The quality of the images is amazing to say they’re printed on a marshmallow and they come packaged in a really lovely presentation box with a card which on one side details the images and on the other a personalised message from the sender.

I’m afraid I can’t comment on flavour as they are too cute to eat but I imagine they are delicious!


The box of 9 marshmallows above costs Β£15 with free shipping worldwide and comes in either vanilla or strawberry flavour (mine are strawberry πŸ˜‹) – they also do a really cute box of 2 for Β£7. You can start creating your own hereΒ Β and the site is really easy to use and you can upload pictures from your albums, Instagram and Facebook. Alternatively you can pick one of their themed designs (like birthday, Mother’s Day etc.) which has pre loaded designs or personalise one of their pre loaded designs with your own text.


They have quite a few other products including personalised wrapping paper, mallowpops, chocolate slabs with a picture on, cards (that come with a gift in) and their new boomf bomb which is a card that pops out at you when you open it (loads of adverts on to at the moment for this).

All in all a lovely treat that I’d definitely recommend.

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