Mokee Wool Nest Review


When we got pregnant and I started to think about baby furniture and accessories, had it been up to me I would have ordered these the day of the first scan, luckily James made me wait until we were at least 30 weeks for fear of tempting fate.

I wanted to try find pieces that would blend into our home and match our style as opposed to making our house look like a newly renovated child minders, especially given the fact that we were maintaining our spare room and simply popping a nursery in the corner.

I was definitely one of those pregnant women, who haven’t had a baby before and think they know what’s best despite being give tonnes of advice from others as to which products were the best…I think in hindsight I was a bit naive to think that once Reunah was here, style would take preference over practicality and there were evenings when I wished I’d done a little more research into the likes of the Chicco Next to Me Crib, however, lucky for me the Mokee Woolnest’s benefits outweighed and potential misgivings when it came to practicality and function.

I think the best way to review the Woolnest is to write a list of pros and cons:

I’ll start with the pros…

1.) Stylish – the Woolnest is really beautiful and looks more like a stylish piece of furniture rather than a baby bed. The simple design and colour palette mean it fits into most design schemes – I’ve seen it in ultra modern trendy homes and cool Scandi homes and yet it still fits perfectly into my classic grey style Victorian home.


2.) Flat Packed – the Woolnest comes flat packed, which ultimately means once you have finished using it after say 6 months you can simply flat pack it away again, unlike most Moses baskets, which due to their very nature (being a basket) can’t be folded into a nice neat storable package.

3.) Washable – this pro is subject to you buying the Mokee liners to go inside the basket (£16) as well as the fitted sheets for the mattress (£12), but if you do it means you can easily wash off the inevitable sick and poo that will make its way out of your beautiful baby.

4.) Value for Money – the Woolnest itself costs £99.95 and the stand £19.95, so £119.90 in total (yes I used a calculator) which I think is really reasonable given the quality of both design and style you get. When I was looking for a Moses basket they all came in at around this price or more and I figured I would potentially be able to use the nest to hold toys once I had finished with it as a Moses basket.

5.) Practical for Travel – now when I say that it’s practical for travel I’m comparing it to full on baskets and crib style Moses baskets which can’t be squished down of made flat by disassembling. The Woolnest on the other hand, being made from felt, is soft and flexible so easy to shove in the boot of the car.

Now for the cons…

1.) Nighttime Access – For me, in the early days I sometimes wished I had gone for a next to me style as it was quite hard to say, rest my hand on Reunah’s chest for comfort, or comfortably slide him back into his bed after a nighttime feed. This isn’t really a criticism of the Woolnest as I chose to go for it over say the Chicco but worth thinking about if you are planning to invest.

2.) Wobly Stand – whilst the stand is very sturdy when just tightened up, ours seems to come loose quite a lot and sometimes seems to wobble a bit. Not to the point of it being dangerous or there being a risk of it collapsing, but it does need frequent tightening to keep it sturdy (this may be the case for all stands like this?!)

3.) Can’t be tilted – something I didn’t think about before I bought a Moses basket was the fact that I may need to tilt it – we had to do this because Reunah had reflux and having his bed on a slight tilt really helped. It is possible to put a wedge under it, we used this one from Argos but that only allows for a certain level of tilt and it would have been really handy to be able to tilt it and fix it there to make it nice and secure. Again this is down to the style of Moses basket I went for, from what I have read, the Chicco can be tilted.

All in all, for me, the pros far out weigh the cons and I would definitely buy this if I could go back and choose again. Highly recommend ☺️

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