Love Brownies – Best Brownies EVER

So this week a lovely friend bought me 6 delicious brownies from the amazing Love Brownies in Ilkley. The cute little shop is located just off the main car park in the centre of town and is a really lovely place to visit for a drink and obv a brownie (it’s pretty small so not one for massive groups I’d say).

The brownies come packaged in individual little paper cases inside a larger green box depending on how many you buy.

My pictures don’t do them justice in terms of showing off their “moistness” (worst word on the world), but they are literally the tastiest brownies I have ever eaten. They come in loads of different flavour, I had the raspberry (has a layer of fresh raspberry running through it) which was delicious as it cut through the chocolatey-ness, as well as the double chocolate which was as good as it sounds and finally just the plain chocolate (nothing plain about it!).

I feel a bit stupid writing an entire post about a brownie but they are actually amazing and lucky for anyone not from Ilkley you can buy them online here starting from £16. Each brownie is made in Yorkshire (yey) in its own individual tin (not one big slab like other brownies) and I think that’s what makes them so yum!

Some of the sensational flavours include coconut, caramel fudge, chocolate orange, double chocolate, raspberry, morello cherry, raspberry white chocolate and shortbread and single malt whiskey. They also do other products too like hampers, cakes (including wedding – can you imagine 😋), marshmallows…so definitely worth a look.

Love Brownies

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