Top 5 Apps for When You Have a Baby

Ok so as you can probs tell from the fact that I have a blog, I use my phone a lot 😳 and even more so since having Reunah (when he’s asleep or feeding may I add- I do actually pay him attention 😍) and have come across some great apps to both help reassure my constant questioning of my parenting ability and aid my nighttime feeding, as well as help document the some of the million photos I have taken so far of Reunah.

Ok here goes:

1. Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross – FREE

This one was recommended to me by my health visitor when I asked about BABY first Aid courses. It’s amazing and covers the following chapters:

PREPARE: how to prepare for lots of different potential incidents, for example “using a credit card to scrape off a bee sting”, I mean who knew you could do that!

EMERGENCY: this is the best section as it covers all the thingsΒ you should do in case of an emergency, complete with videos of baby CPR and choking techniques to name a few.

TEST: I mean I’m yet to do this what with having a newborn and all but if you really wanted you could test your knowledge

TOOLKIT: let’s you add your child’s records for reference in anΒ emergency:


INFO: here you can donate, find a first aid course near you and loads more ☺️

2. Nightlight for iPad -FREE

This ones a goody, but I would say works best on an iPad as you need the bigger surface area really to give enough light. Basically you pick a light you like, I use the white one as it’s bright enough to feed but not too bright that it startles baby (or your own tired eyes or poor sleeping husband – PAH – they should have an extra bright one for that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ) .

The image on the left up top is what your screen looks like when the light is off, then you just tap anywhere on the screen and the light comes on, obv I picked a blue one here. You do need to leave your device plugged in all night so the app doesn’t drain the battery but other than that it works an absolute dream for me – I’ve even managed to change a few nappies using it πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

3. FACELAPSE – 0.99p


OMG this is my absolute fave! It basically allows you to use pictures from your phone and turn them into a video where the faces sort of morf from one picture to the next, so you can see the changes in your baby over time. I’ve been doing it since Reunah was born and it’s amazing, both for me and for the famalam.

All you have to do is map the face using the little dots on the pics above and it creates the video for you 😍

4. BABY TRACKER – FREE (have to pay for some upgraded functionality but not much and don’t necessarily need it)


This was a dream when we first had Reunah and were trying to get used to having a newborn. It allows you to track when you last fed, what boob you used, how many ounces they ate, when they last slept and for how long, when you changed them and what you saw (my absolute fave feature after we once went four days without seeing a poo – I get genuine joy from seeing one now #ivechanged). You can also set alarms for next feeds, track medicine, track growth,Β etc.

One thing I would say is that this does become a ball ache and we don’t actually track stuff anymore as we understand Reunah’s patterns but it really was useful at the start when you’re in a sleep deprived daze and have no idea when you last fed.

5. WONDER WEEKS – Β£1.99


This is a really great ap for helping to explain what babies are going through in terms of mental development and advice on some of the signs to look out for as they go through these mental leaps.

It tells you where your baby is up to each week (even personalising the text with your babies name which blew my mind) as well a summary of the leap, abilities gained during the leap (these are so accurate as well) like rolling over or grabbing and signs that they are in the leap (crying more for example).

Another really good feature which is also a bit depressing when you see a massive “stormy period” is the chart showing where your baby is up to and when the future leaps are due:

That’s all of them 😁 Hope they are helpful!

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