Top 10 Jazzy Workout Leggings

So I went to Mummy Fit a couple of weeks (traumatised so not been back since but did commit to 11 further classes – not sure what I was thinking) ago to try get back into shape (when I say shape I mean back into my old clothes, I was never “in shape”) and was surrounded by the yummiest of mummy’s who had clearly been attending for some time as they were most certainly FIT mummy’s #feltlikeafrump.

So, with the aim of attaining yummy mummy status through fashion rather than fitness, whilst I build up my stamina ๐Ÿ˜ฐ I have pulled together a list of my fave (reasonably priced) jazzy leggings on the high street at the mo:

1.ย H&M sports tights ยฃ17.99

2.ย H&M sports tights ยฃ19.99

3.ย Desigual leggings aloha ยฃ34.50 (sale price)

4.ย adidas Originals Fugiprabali Legging at Next ยฃ26

5.ย Bjorn Borg Print Leggings at Next ยฃ35


7.ย F&F Active Space Dye Ankle Grazer Leggings ยฃ14

8.ย JD Sports Ellesse Trevalli 2 Leggings ยฃ20

9.ย adidas Originals Multi Floral Print Leggings on ASOS ยฃ25

10.ย River Island Active pink print panel gym leggings ยฃ28

Happy working out, or if you’re me happy walking round town in workout clothes pretending you work out.

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