Wine Wednesday โ€“Lopez de Heredia ‘Vina Gravonia’ 2006 โ€“ Ree-OH-Ha, but not as you know it……White Rioja ๐Ÿ˜œ

Flavours:ย Stone fruits! This is as simple as it sounds, anything from peaches to plums. For me I get a sort of dried apricot. This really evolves if you swish it around in your mouth a bit. Citrusy flavours get deeper and richer, almost candied.

Grape:ย Macabeo (Viura) and Malvasia – A very versatile white grape that can be used in still, sparkling, dry and sweet wines. Depending on when it’s picked the aromas and flavour profile (the things you taste) can be vastly different. Pick early it can produce fresh and aromatic that can be enjoyed young. Pick later and it can produce age worthy (wines that will improve with time in the bottle) with a lovely rich buttery wines. This is the later and Lopez de Heredia are one of the few producers who still make it in this style.

Year:ย 2006 was recorded in the Rioja region as a VERY GOOD vintage. Apart from suffering a light freeze in mid-April (if this happens before bud break (basically when the vines flower) it can severely limit growth potential) and a hailstone storm (this can devastate entire vineyards leaving the producer without any grapes at all!!) at the beginning of July that caused some damage in the vineyard.

Colour:ย A lovely deep golden yellow. As I mentioned last week as this (and other whites) age the colour will deepen. I personally love “yellow” wines as Sophie calls them ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you like this style of wine (rich/buttery) try Meursault or White Rhone.

Aroma:ย Wax, honey (may come across as buttery), almonds and orange peel. Sometimes you can generalise with citrusy, but see what you can pick out. You may also get some oak (as it’s aged in oak barrels some of this flavour get transferred to the wine, this can come across as vanilla or nutty).

Food:ย Roast Chicken, meaty white fish or a rich seafood dish would be perfect.

Buy it hereย for ยฃ15.99 (as of date of review).

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