[Jade] Rolling my Way Through the Week

So I bought these strange looking beauty rollers a few years back and used to use them every day at first then after the novelty wore off a couple of times a week as part of, what was, my beauty regime (haven’t had one of these since I had a baba) and have recently rediscovered them at the bottom off makeup bag so thought I’d share a blog about them…

They are called Jade Rollers (because they are made of jade stone), and have been around for ages –  (I think deriving from China). They have a tonne of healing properties and the process of rolling is claimed to help drain congested lump nodes, help with sinus problems, help rid the body of toxins and waste, stimulate collagen production (hollaaaaaa 🙌🏼) and most importantly for me post baby reduce under eye bags and colourings.

What do you do with them?

  1. Pop them in the fridge so they get nice and cool. The jade stone is quite cold naturally but this gives is some extra brrr;
  2. Remove all your makeup and moisturise as you would normally;
  3. Take the roller (small or big, I like the small one best for this area of my face) and, starting from the inside corner of your eye (not on your eye obviously, just below on your eye socket), roll the roller with a little gentle pressure towards your ear in a U- shape motion.
  4. Repeat on each eye a couple of time until you feel suitably de-eye-bagged and relaxed.
  5. OPTIONAL – you can apply your face cream directly onto the roller, I find it gets a bit messy this way though.
  6. You can also roll them on your neck and rest of your face, I always work in an upward direction for the roll that applies the pressure.

Does it actually work?

I’m definitely no beautician or dermatologist and since having Reu I have been known to baby wipe my makeup off in desperate times so for me to actually stick to using something it has to have some real benefit, so I’ll list the benefits I see/feel…

  1. If I’m having a particularly bad skin day with a lot of reddy bits I think it helps to “calm” my skin down and reduce inflammation;
  2. It’s really soothing and for a while after my skin feels a bit tingly;
  3. It’s really quick to do so even if it’s just acts as a placebo to make you think you’re getting the benefits you may as well do it;
  4. In the morning, when I’m v tired (errrday these days) it’s wakes me up (a bit like washing your face with icey water);
  5. It definitely reduces puffiness caused by tiredness as well as helping to reduce the baggy look of exhaustion

Questionable claimed benefits…

  1. Collagen production- I can’t help but think if this were true they would be a lot more popular and expensive?! I don’t really have any wrinkles yet but I think that’s more genetics than rolling!
  2. Get rid of toxins and waste- I’m not really sure how you can tell?! My sling does feel better after I use the roller and whilst it reduces readiness it does help too much with spots.

All in in all I would deffs recommend as they are pretty inexpensive and it’s really quick and easy to do, you get one from Amazon here.


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