Wine Wednesday – Fleurie Cuvee SPaciale 2015 โ€“ Domaine du Chateau du Grand Pre

Flavours:ย Given the somewhat funky nose (smell) the flavour profile is not what you’d expect. There is lots of lovely bright red fruits, cranberries, strawberry. Very smooth, well rounded and delicious.

Grape:ย Gamay โ€“ Gamay, the only grape used in making Beaujolais wines has, until relatively recently been in the shadows of the wine world. A mass produced poor quality “Beaujolais Nouveau” was to blame. Thankfully for us it’s making a come back! Much of the credit here goes to a number of key producers/flag bearers from the region, their dedication, and the characteristics of some of the best villages in the region otherwise known as the ‘crus’ Beaujolais. Expect a medium bodied (think of this as the weight of the wine on your palette) dry fruit bomb! Try this slightly chilled. (Chilling red wines can help focus/highlight some of the, let’s call them details).

Year:ย 2015 was a fantastic year throughout all of Europe, and Beaujolais is no exception. In general it was a pretty hot growing season. In hotter years grapes ripen earlier typically, with higher sugars and as a result alcohol. Some of this was balanced out by cooler nights in the weeks leading up to the harvest which helped preserve the acidity and freshness in the wines. Many of the wines produced are rich full bodied (fuller than usual anyway) with big bright red fruits dominating the wines.

Colour:ย Very bright vivid ruby colour.

Aroma:ย Cranberries, damson jam and barnyard funk! Here we get to introduce biodynamic and natural wines. Often when making wine sulphur is added to help preserve the wine as it ages. It is becoming increasingly popular not to add sulphur, or indeed anything else artificial to the wines. As a result you can get a sort of farmyardy aroma, give it a chance, it’s doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong! (Not in this case anyway but we’ll get onto wine faults another time).

Food:ย Lighter meats such as pork would work well. Alternatively a spread of charcuterie and cheeses (try this with an older Camembert or an Epoisses if you can get it).

Buy it hereย for ยฃ13.50 (as of date of review).

NB: image is wrong year (2014 but 2015 looks v similar)

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