9 in 9 – My super speedy morning makeup πŸ’„

So IΒ usually have approximately zero time in the morning to get myself ready, but I do like to try put some makeup on in an attempt to make myself feel like I’m winning at motherhood and look a little less zombi-sheek.

I’ve pulled together my 9 everyday essentials (at the moment, they change every now and again) that allow me to get my makeup done in 9 minutes (do you see what I’ve done here…9 in 9 – honestly I impress myself sometimes!).


1. First up I moisturise (I have obv already washed my face at this point) and use the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face). This has an SPF of 15 and really hydrates your skin, without leaving it really wet. I don’t have time to faff about with primers and for me this provides a good base for my foundation.

2. Next up I roll my under eyes with the jade roller, takes a couple of seconds and makes me feel awake and like I’m looking after myself a bit.

3. Foundation next and I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour in colour 200 Soft Beige (it’s a little dark for my skin but I prefer to look a bit tanned and it’s fine as long as you blend it into your neck ok). I buff this into my face with a real techniques face brush and apply two pumps worth onto the back of my hand, which is plenty for a fairly full coverage. If there are any brush marks I dab them away with a beauty blender.

4. Concealer time and I use the Collection lasting perfection in Warm Medium 3. This is really good value and I use it cos I saw it on a Tanya Burr Vlog (I mean she’s a pro so should be ok). I apply it to my blemishes then blend with my foundation brush.

5. Once my base is done I add a thin layer of Chanel bronzer (Soleil Tan De Chanel), this is pricey but lasts for ages and gives a nice warm glow. I apply it with a large softish face brush all over my face with a few extra sweeps on my cheek bones and down my nose as that’s where I would naturally tan.

6. This one is my fave…it’s the Rimmel contour kit in 002 Coral Glow. I LOVE THIS! It’s so easy to use and does three things so perfect to pop in your bag for touch ups. First I start with the Contour Sculpter (bronzer) and apply it in the hollows of my cheeks in a line up to my ear then around my hair line on my forehead. This is about as much contouring as I can manage in the morning but gives a bit of depth to my makeup. Next I use the blusher part on the apples of my cheek, then once that’s applied I blend the bronzer and blusher a bit to get rid of the stripe and make it look a bit more natural. Finally, it’s the highlighter – I actually use a benefit one instead but the one in the kit is fab, I just prefer the pink tones, see next point for where I put it.

7. To highlight I use the Benefit High Beam and apply it with a Mac long haired foundation brush as it blends it in really well. I pop it under my eyes and blend into my cheeks a bit (just the top of the apple of my cheek) then I pop a bit across my forehead and down the bridge of my nose for a lovely natural glow πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

8. Next I do my brows, not sure if I do my makeup in the correct order but this is just how it flows for me. I actually start my brows with a Rimmel brow kit that has powder and a cream in it. I use the cream to shape my brow and fill it out a bit, then I skip the powder and use the Benefit Gimme Brow to really fill them out and neaten the hairs up. It’s just like using mascara on your eye brow and gives them a really natural look in about two seconds.

9. Finally, the lashes. For this I use the No7 dramatic lift, which I got a mini one of for Xmas and it’s amazing. It’s not too thick but makes your lashes look quite long without being spidery (technical term). I use it on both bottom and top lashes as I always have done and feel naked without it on both sets.

That’s it!!! Literally takes me 9 mins (probably less but then my title wouldn’t work!). I do set my makeup with the Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray which reallyyyyyy helps it to stay in longer (it’s a miracle worker) as I touch my face all the time and without it would have to be re-applying all day #notgnahappen

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