Top Supermarket Baby Picks – George, Tu and F&F

I’ve pulled together my favourite supermarket picks for boys and girls at the mo ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’—…all such a bargain and so similar to loads of the high street styles out at the moment.


1.ย Sainsburys Children’s Navy Robot Long Johns ยฃ3.00

2.ย Sainsburys Boys Striped Knitted Jumper ยฃ7.00

3. Sainsburys boys yellow hooded jacket ยฃ10

4.ย Asda 2 Piece Dungarees and Top Set

5.ย Tesco striped bomber jacket ยฃ6

6.ย Tesco twill trousers with braces ยฃ8

7.ย Tesco Granddad collar shirt and shorts with braces ยฃ12

8. Asda stripe trim cardigan ยฃ6

9. Sainsbury’s navy striped boat jumper ยฃ7


1. Sainsbury’s Girls Blue Stripe Dress And Knicker ยฃ12.00

2. Tesco Charlie & Me Striped Denim Pinafore ยฃ12

3. Tesco 2 in 1 chambray dress ยฃ10

4. Tesco Peplum Hem Top and Leggings Set ยฃ8

5. Tesco chambray romper and long sleeve top ยฃ10

6. Tesco long sleeve body suit ยฃ1.50

7. Sainsburys floral hooded jacket ยฃ10

8. Sainsburys green embroidered cardigan ยฃ8

9. Asda assorted tights ยฃ5ย 

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