5 Pre Baby Naiveties I’ve S**t all Over

So before I had a baby I had a lot of opinions of what I would and wouldn’t do (fool) and here are a few of them…

1. I’m not going to give him a dummy, they’re for lazy parents.

Well this epic misjudgement came into fruition week 3, thank god my mum bought us some dummies “just in case”. They are not in fact for lazy parents, just for ones with babies who like to suck to soothe – I’m now the proud owner of around 11 for fear of losing them.

2. I’ll let him cry, he’ll be needy if I go to him all the time.

I mean this makes me lol now, who was I kidding- I was the clingiest person in the world pre baby so why I thought I would be able to let my bundle cry I have no idea. Now I go in for a cuddle at even the mildest whimper.

3. I’ll only use branded nappies, only the best for our baby.

SNOB! One use of an Aldi nappy and I was a convert! No nappy snobbery in this household these days!

4. I’ll get him into a bedtime routine at 6 weeks otherwise he’ll never sleep through.

FAIL – granted he is in a routine now but there wasn’t a hope in hell of that happening so early for us, I was still in a new baby daze.

5. We’ll still go for evening drinks, we’ll just take him with us.

Now granted it is possible to take a baby for an evening drink when they are tiny but as soon as you start to learn their routine you don’t really want to mess it up, not cos you are a stickler for a routine but because it will make your baby tired and out of sync which you just don’t want to put them through. I’ll happily leave him with my doting parents though as we all need a date night now and again!

So there you have it, I’m sure there will be plenty more as Reu grows up…

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