The NEOM-I Campbell of Relaxation Products

Before I begin can I just say how proud of my title I am, I mean c’monnnnnn, I’m a literary genius am I not!…

So Reu has started to sleep much better at night, either all the way through or up once for a feed. Unfortunately I seem to have taken on a role reversal and find it impossible to switch off and get to sleep- meaning I lay awake for literally hours on end listening to him sleep and wishing I could follow in his newly trodden footsteps.

In light if this I decided to try a new relaxation routine before bed (if you’d told me I’d need help getting to sleep a few weeks ago I would have gaffawed in your face!) which involves an array of recommended (by friends) Neom products.

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First up is the De-Stress Home Mist which you can get here, and as advised by my friend I have started spraying this on my pillow at night to try help give me a sense of calm and sleepiness. To quote the bottle itself, the spray contains the highest possible % of essential oils and this one includes Lavendar oil, Jasmine oil, Brazilian Rosewood Oil as well as 21 other pure essential oils.

The instructions on the pack tell you to breath the smell in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth for 11 seconds. I tried this and it really does relax you as it forces you to slow everything down and focus on the scent, however, after about three breaths the 11 second exhale is a little long for me and I just breath normally but concentrate on my breathing more than maybe I normally would.

The smell…I don’t know anything at all about essential oils and which ones are supposed to help with what but this one smells glorious. I’m no sommelier but I can really smell the lavender and I think the rosewood (I say think as I’m not 100% sure what rosewood smells like). It definitely induces a feeling of calm and I think the act of spraying it on your pillow at night creates a connotation of relaxation, which for me is great as I had started to associate my bed with being awake and utterly exhausted. The smell also really sticks to the fabrics and permeates it for a good few hours meaning you don’t have to drench it in order to reap the benefits of a lasting smell as you try get to sleep.

Has it worked? Ok, so it may be coincidence but I do feel that since I started using the spray I have managed to drift off faster than before. Like I said, I think I now associate the smell with sleep and therefore find it easier to switch off and tune out the heavy breathing coming from the Moses basket next to my bed! The smell also spreads throughout the room giving it a spa like feel – very zen.

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Next up is the Nourish, Breath & Sleep Hand Blam which you can get here, I have the mini one from a kit I was bought for Christmas (my friend clearly knew sleep would be something I craved post baby).

The directions tell you to warm a pea-sized amount of balm between your hands before massaging into the skin. You then cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breath in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth (yep you guessed it) for 11 seconds.

The instructions on the pack I have (which has three minis in 1. Bath and shower oil 2. Pillow spritz 3. Hand balm) say to use them all in that order.  However, I have gone off piste and used the de-stress mist on my pillow instead of the one in this pack (as recommended by my friend) and for me to use them all together in succession is a bit much so I use the hand cream a few hours before bed around the time when I take my makeup off.

As expected it smells divine and despite only using such a small amount it leaves your hands feeling moisturised, in an oily sort of way (not at all greasy though). I don’t really do the cupping thing as I’m usually busy doing other stuff at this time, but the smell wafts around delightfully so I get the benefit all evening long. If I wanted to do the cupping, the smell is still pretty strong by the time I go to bed so I could do it then but I’m busy inhaling my other mist by then.

For me this one is less effective at relaxing me, simply because I use it before bed – that said it does smell beautiful and I would say it definitely contributes to my feeling of calm in the run up to bed time.

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Next is the Perfect  Night’s Sleep Bath & Shower Oil which you can get here. Again, I don’t tend to use this in conjunction with the other products as I rarely have time for a bath these days so this one is a real luxury for me. The instructions tell you to pour a capful into a warm bath or apply to your décolletage (I had to google this, it’s the upper part of a woman’s torso- so your neck) if having a shower (I shower in the morning so don’t use this given its aimed at helping you sleep). You the repeat the standard breathing exercise as per the other products, I would say the bath is the best place to actually do this as you are super relaxed and chilled.

As bath oils go this one is really good, you don’t need to use much at all and it really gives off a strong (in a good way) smell that definitely helps to relax you even more than a bath normally would.

On the rare occasion I have used all three products together I am 100% more relaxed and ready for bed than usual and feel well and truly pampered, a little like I would post massage, and ready for sleep – unfortunately on these nights Reu obviously didn’t get the memo and woke up more than normal, but that didn’t take away from the earlier feeling of relaxation and calm.

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Finally, I have reviewed the Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist, which you can get here, that came in the miniatures pack, even though I use the de-stress mist instead (I’ve gifted this one to my husband for the nights when he sleeps it he spare room for work).

Without seeming like a lazy reviewer it’s much like the above reviewed de-stress mist. It contains English lavender, chamomile and patchouli oil as well as 11 others aimed at helping you relax. Whilst the oils are selected for their specific relaxation qualities I think it’s just personal preference as to which works best for you. This one is equally devine and the chamomile gives it a sweeter smell (in my opinion) and is definitely a peaceful sort of aroma.

Would I recommend all of the above? Absolutely yes! Whilst they are at the top end of the £ vs some other high street brands they last for ages and have a really intense long lasting smell. They are clearly designed carefully and produced with care in order to elicit the desired feeling of calm, which they really do, whilst leaving you feeling like you’ve really treated yourself to a luxury pampering at home.

If I were to buy just one it would be the de-stress mist as it can be used around the house to give it a lovely luxury aroma, as well as to help you sleep at night.





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