Sometimes I feel like a “Teen Mom”…

So before I had a baby it only felt like about a year since I was at uni, being a standard early 20’s student drinking most week nights and generally living the youthful dream. In reality it’s been 11 years since I started my degree and just the thought of going clubbing makes me feel hungover, with my preference always leaning toward a nice dinner and drinks out over any form of social drinking environment 😩

Despite my change in preference for drinking I still feel pretty young (I mean I’m 29 so I am young still but you know what I mean!) and I sometimes can’t believe I have a baby. I look at other mums and they look really mum-y, like they really fit the bill. Then I look at myself and think, do they look at me and think I look really young and under qualified to parent?!

I watch the mum-y mums playing and singing and knowing all the words to all the nursery rhymes andΒ I’m sat there humming along cos I know no words and my preference is to sing Craig David “Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were making out by Wednesday…”Β (I’m not convinced Reu actually enjoys this)Β or the theme tune to fresh prince (a show I’ve recently started watching re-runs of πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ).

Despite this I haveΒ little desire to learn the words to wind the bobbin up, I mean how retro, someone needs to invent some more up to date tunes about ipads or something relevant…what actually is a bobbin…

I sometimes find when I’ve been to one of my classes with some of the mums that really know their shit about babies (like when they’re meant to do stuff like roll) that I feel a bit deflated, and guilty for getting bored of playing with all Reu’s toys with him after about ten minutes and maybe popping a cheeky cbbc kids show on for 20 minutes. Then I remember he’s four months and not 100% sure what’s going on and I feel ok again, and that ten minutes of playing for him is probs pretty tiring πŸ˜ƒ (I mean I’m exhausted so he surely is too).

I also find that hanging out with like minded mums really helps, I always feel like I’m winning at life after an afternoon with my mummy friends as they always reassure me that I’m bossing motherhood and most of the time feel the same as me ✌🏼(I think wine Wednesday probs helps too).

So yeah, sometimes I feel like a teen mum who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on (ps I’m sure a lot of teen mums do know what’s going on, I’m using the MTV show as my reference point for the title πŸ˜‚) but my baby smiles loads so who really cares πŸ‘ΆπŸ» I’m fairly sure mummy’s of latter day got by without knowing exactly what’s what all the time ✌🏼

Ps I find it really hard to match pictures to my posts so they are pretty random!

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