Scent-sational πŸ™ˆ – What I Wear and When

I’m a really nosey person and love to know everything about everyone (in a non gossipy way!) and find weird things like whether or not someone wears one perfume all the time or one for going out and one for work really interesting ha! I just like to know what other people’s habits are and how they differ to mine, so I thought I’d make use of a nice picture I took of my perfume (I often take casual snaps of perfume, nothing to do with wanting a nice pic for my insta feed 😳) and talk through the ones I wear and why. An incredibly boring read I imagine but if you came onto my blog to read it then you only have yourself to blame πŸ˜‚


1. Chanel No. 5 – my mummy gave me this and it really reminds me of her πŸ’— I wear it when I go out with her and like to save it for special family occasions so we can be perfume twins haha. She also told me to wear perfume in bed to I keep a smaller version of this bottle on my bedside table and spray it on my neck before bed. It’s quite strong smelling and lasts for ages on your skin.

2. Thierry Mugler Alien – this was an Xmas present from my parents one year when I had a backlog of number 6. I had a friend at uni who I always used to love the smell of and she wore this, I think it smells different on me but I do get a lot of compliments and don’t know that many other people who wear it.

3.Β Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Toilette – I bought this in the airport on the way to Dubai the year we got engaged (I go to engaged on that very holiday). I wore the scent everyday, including the day James popped the question and now it really reminds of that trip and brings back all the memories. I love love love how a smell can do that! I wear this at weekends and take it on holiday with me. I don’t really know how to describe the smell (helpful) but it’s not too strong not too weak, not too sweet or heavy smelling, so a nice alrounder.

4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – This is my fave as I wore it on my wedding day then on our honeymoon. I save it for date nights and days when I want a little reminder of that gorge day. I feel like it’s a summery smell (probs cos I first wore it in France) and I spray quite a lot on each time to hold the smell.

5. Jean Paul Gaultierre Classique – James bought me this back from a work trip and it really reminds me of him, also I really love the smell which is for sure a bonus with a perfume. It’s got quite a rich smell, that lasts for a while on your skin but I tend to reapply after a few hours.

6. Victor Rolf Flowerbomb – Every year my mum and dad buy me a perfume for Christmas and this one has been on the list for years now. I use it as an everyday perfume and pretty much every time I do someone says oooo is that Flowerbomb, which I take as a compliment (presuming people wouldn’t say that if they hated it right). It’s really sweet smelling and distinctive, not everyone’s taste I imagine.

7. Mini version of number 1. also given to me by my mummy to pop in my handbag when I go out.

I’m very aware that now I have a baby that I hold all the time, he takes on my scent and I can deffo tell when he’s been with someone else for a period of time as he smells of their perfume/aftershave, so I am actually a bit more conscious of what I wear everyday as I know Reu will get used to that smell too.

On my wish list is the Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede, it’s amaze!!

There we have it! My perfumes. You’re welcome.

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