How to stay in shape and still enjoy life!

To quote Kate Moss “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, correction Kate- you have clearly never tasted the culinary delight that is cheesy chips, or been so lucky as to devour a fondent fancy or fat rascal (or both)!

Skinny is not what I’m after, a full tummy of yummy food is essential for a happy life (for me) so I find ways to make sure I have a balance that allows me to stay in shape (fit into my clothes) as well as live my life without constantly depriving myself of tasty treats and wine. Here’s how I try do it…(note the word try, sometimes I’m just a lazy bish who eats an entire Easter egg in one sitting)….

1. I eat three meals a day and try not to snack in between. I have gherkin’s when I get hungry (I love them) and drink tea to fill me up if I get hungry (should probs change that to water). Sometimes I do eat crap (see number 4) but I often regret it as it ruins my hunger for the next meal and I like to be properly hungry before a nice meal.
2. I walk everywhere. I didn’t used to, I would deffo rather drive than walk but is too much of a faff to drive now so I walk wherever I can.
3. I try to do one YouTube exercise a week, ones I like are 8 minute abs, 30 day shred and 5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt (catchy name) are firm favourites. I don’t always do them as sometimes cba but if I remember and can be bothered I do, and I always feel better after.
4. I let myself eat and drink what I want and don’t deprive myself of a treat. I’m just sensible with it! If someone offers me a slice of cake, I’m going to say YES (I have little will power). I see my weight as a finely balanced scale and if I feel like I’ve had a really bad few days I’ll have a really healthy few to balance it out. Luckily for me this really works, I can put on 3 pounds in a day but lose it in a couple of days (always takes me longer to lose than put on πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜©).
5. I let myself feel hungry. I think a lot of people eat as soon as they start to feel hungry but I’ve taught myself to enjoy feeling hungry (in a sensible way, I never skip a meal) and it really makes me enjoy my food more. Some days it’s hard as I just have the munchies and on those days I eat more gherkins haha (and maybe a cheeky slice of cake).
6. I heard something recently about disassociating food and exercise and it really resonated. Basically it was saying that we have started to think of them as a pair and balance one out for the other. So if you do a long run you can eat half a cake for example, or if you eat a big meal you need to do 100 sit ups. What I’ve started to do now is remove the link in my head between the two and just exercise for exercising as opposed to doing it to counteract food. It’s loads better and takes away the need to say go for a run cos I’ve had a Maccys, I now just go for one, even if I’ve had a super healthy day – it takes the pressure off both exercising and eating πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
7. Be organised. Whenever we don’t do a weekly shop and we don’t have the right ingredients for a meal in the fridge we end up eating something crap like pizza chips and beans and have meal regret cos we’ve wasted a good eating opportunity on something unhealthy that we didn’t really want. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love a beige meal, but not all the time and it does make me fee pretty lethargic and slumpy afterwards. We’ve only recently started getting good at food planning and doing a big shop once a week so this is a new one for us too. We used to just buy the food each evening as and when we needed it but that’s just not practical now. Not only do we not have the time, but it’s too mentally challenging trying to think of what to cook each night haha so we have to plan it in advance now. It means we can eat more nutritious meals and get a bit more into cooking rather than reheating ready made stuff. I think I’m definitely more conscious of what we eat now we have a baby as I know I’ll be cooking for him soon, so want to start some better habits.
8. Where possible be healthier in the week and use the weekend to have a treat. This sometimes happens, sometimes doesn’t (wine Wednesday doesn’t help) but it’s a general rule and not one to be followed to the T. I would never say, not go out for dinner with friends in the week cos I’m being healthy, I’d just maybe have a healthier Saturday, or not, sometimes I’m just unhealthy for days and days in a row if I have things to go to. I don’t let being healthy rule my life, like I said before, I just make sure I balance it out and don’t go crey.
9. There’s a great saying (I actually can’t remember it but it’s something like) “one salad won’t make you thin, so one bad meal isn’t going to make you fat”. It’s so true!!!! If you have a slice of cake, it doesn’t mean you have to eat shit all day that day and call it a right off. You can still have a salad for lunch and a healthy tea. I used to think if I’d started being bad with food one day I may as well carry on…but now I just think yum that cake was nice, now back to my normal day of eating.
10. I put my gym stuff on. Sometimes I put it on and don’t do any exercise but I also find I’m more likely to run with the pram or at least attempt exercise if I’m wearing it.

Disclaimer: I have no abs, I have bingo wings, I don’t have a pert bottom and I’m sure I can taste blood when I run 100 yards.

2 thoughts on “How to stay in shape and still enjoy life!

  1. Love this, so many good tips! Especially like the one about dissociating food and exercise.. I think it’s easy to get into the cake, run, cake, run, cake, run mentality but not a good way to see food at all!


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