How to get RICH in 7 simple steps…

Firstly apologies for the click bait title, I’m not about to tell you some secret to earning tonnes of money, so close the page now if that’s what you came to read, or better yet, buy a lottery ticket and read on…

Since having Reunah, and probably a while before that too, I have thought about the things that really make my life a richer and more fulfilling one, and thought I’d share my ponderings on the blog…you may read and think a couple of mill in the bank would be way better than any of the below (not gna lie I would quite like that too, I would actually need min 10 mill please and thank you) but for me these things definitely make for a richer, happier life experience…

  1. Talk to everyone and judge no one. I think it’s often easy to be drawn to people that look like you, and are into the same stuff as you, which is lovely and most of my best friends are people from the same back ground (school) and have the same interests as me. However, I really do think you can gain a lot from taking the time to talk to and spend time with people completely different. Firstly, it makes you less boring and judgemental as you realise everyone is fabulously interesting in their own special way and secondly because you may discover something new to love through chatting without judgement about others’ opinions and interests. I’ve recently started to think about this in relation to Reunah, and how I will explain to him that all the interesting people at school will most likely be the ones that could be classed as weird or uncool – I really hope I manage to teach him to be friends with everyone, cool and uncool so he has the best chance possible to be the person he wants to be, not just a sheep following the crowd.
  2. Don’t pick your friends based on Age, Sex or Circumstance.Β This one is probably obvious and sort of similar to number 1, but what I want to get across is that kindered spirits and incredible company can often be found with people least expected. Some of the most fun nights (I’m talking dinner party company, nothing dodgy!!!) for me have been spent with people 40 years my senior, and it’s hardly surprising given they’ve had 4 more decades of practice at having fun and getting the most out of life. I think it’s really easy to judge by appearance and come to the conclusion that you won’t get along due to your age difference, financial circumstance, or whatever. But really none of that matters at all, were all going to get old and money comes and goes so really that’s all just superficial nonsense and shouldn’t stop you from sparking up a convo and finding a new friend to add to the collection πŸ‘―
  3. Travel. ClichΓ© and I’ll keep it short but the more places you see, the more stories you’ll probs come back with, the more people (see point 1,2) you’ll meet and, most importantly for me, the more food you’ll get to try πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  4. Kick the Habit. If you’re one of those people who sit in their comfort zone and rarely venture off your daily track, which I do actually do quite a lot, I think it’s really important to push yourself outside of that zone. I typically hate doing this and at the time wish I’d stayed inside said zone but nearly always feel totally great afterwards πŸ’ƒπŸΌ This used to resonate with me at work but now I think I mostly do this with my blogging. Since having a baby I don’t really care what people think of me, probably cos I’ve realised life’s too short and the main thing is that Reu is happy and healthy, so I just give everything a go and hope for the best! What’s the worst that can happen, someone who’s too scared to try new stuff themselves judges me…I mean I really couldn’t care less.
  5. Say no. So I was going to put “Say Yes” to everything but that really is a clichΓ© and generally just not realistic in everyday life, so I’ve changed it to Say No! I’m one of those people pleaser sort of people and end up doing things that I don’t necessarily want to do just to please others (I’m also a terrible decision maker which doesn’t help). I think saying no to things can be just as life affirming as saying yes, allowing you to dedicate what spare time you have (which isn’t very much for most people) to doing what really makes you happy.
  6. Be kind & thoughtful. The best way to make yourself feel good is to make others feel great. It’s so easy to make someone’s day, and I always think, you never know how important a kind word or gesture can be to people- it could just make them smile or it could make them feel better about an awful situation or time in their life. So yeah, just take a minute to try be kind – we all have our bitchy days when we don’t want to smile at anyone (I actually had one today after a bad night with Reunah) but being moody and sullen faced actually just makes you feel worse and then everyone’s a loser. So turn that frown upside down, and do the gesture you always wanted someone to do to you, to someone else- soon enough the favour will be returned and you’ll understand just how lovely it feels.
  7. Stop wanting more and enjoy the now. I think, and I do this, that most people spend their entire life waiting for the day when they will have/feel like they have it all. It’s like you think that one day everything will just slot into place and you’ll be content but in reality no matter what context, be it money, material things, life experiences…you can find yourself always wanting more. I’m trying to, and succeeding, to live for the now and just enjoy and appreciate what I have (apart from on the house front, I want my family home haha) without always thinking of the next thing I need in my life to make it complete. It’s pretty peachy already so anything extra should be a bonus not a component towards making me happy and fulfilled.

Peace out ✌🏼

One thought on “How to get RICH in 7 simple steps…

  1. I love this! Wasnt sure what your 7 tips would be but they are spot on, especially the last one. We’re always dwelling on what we dont have to offer little one (holidays abroad, days out every week etc), but definitely trying to focus more on showing the love element. Thats whats important. Thank you for this post, its cheered me up after a few down days. X


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