Top 3 off the shelf remedies for eczema, cradle cap & nappy rash

Eczema – Reu has suffered from really bad eczema since he was born pretty much. We have recently learnt this is due to a cows milk allergy but up until that point we tried so many lotions and potions to try combat the dryness and itchiness so I thought I’d share our learnings. It was so bad at points that he was making himself bleed and we even had a visit to the hospital when the rash got so extreme we worried it may be something more sinister. At first I just mentioned it to the health visitors at clinic and they prescribed me some Epaderm, this really didn’t agree with Reu’s skin, it was almost greasy and made it flare up worse so we soon sacked that one off and I went back to clinic for more advice.
This time they gave us Oilatum for the bath, this worked for about a month then he seemed to become sort of immune to it and it started to make things worse.
So, back to clinic I went, feeling like a hypochondriac mum! This time they gave me some Oilatum cream…I mean this worked ok but I had to put so much on about 6 times a day for it to have any effect and it wasn’t pleasant for Reu and didn’t help a great deal as he was still itching and scratching loads.
I’d enough of being fobbed off by now as I pretty much knew it was due to an allergy so insisted on seeing the doctor. She prescribed us with some derma silk vests for him to wear at night, these were good and helped with the scratching but didn’t solve the problem, just helped manage it. They were also totally impractical for warmer nights as they were long sleeve and, whilst really thin, too hot to sleep in. She also prescribed some zero base emollient cream which was actually pretty good, the best so far by a long was as it was a lot less greasy, absorbed well and seemed to calm the redness down.
So that’s what the doctors gave us.. but one day Reu was at my mums house and I forgot the cream. She suffers from really really bad psoriasis and had been using Aveeno to try help, so when it came to cream application time she used this instead. IT WAS AMAZING! I’d seen the Jenifer Aniston ads and thought it was a bit of a fad but the cream is totally amazing, sort of like water in a cream. Really soothing, not greasy, thin but effective and makes the skin so smooth and really helped to calm down the eczema. I would highly recommend! This wasn’t the baby specific one but it says on the front suitable for babies over three months and you can actually get it on prescription, but I think it must be the most pricey as I wasn’t offered it. I’m going to do a separate post on the cows milk allergy which sort of concludes his eczema story as it’s been such a traumatic experience!

Nappy rash – when Reu was prescribed a special milk for his suspected allergy it made him get really terrible nappy rash. We’re talking open sores and a bit of blood, my poor little man 😩But honestly I had been to the doctors so many times I was starting to get a complex and felt like I needed to find a solution myself. I started with sudocrem (obv) but it seemed to sting his bum and he’d cry loads when I put it on so I stopped pretty pronto. I then tried bepanthum which seemed to help and cleared it up, but quite slowly and I had to use loads each application. I then decided to start using bepanthum directly on his skin then layered sudocrem on top to create a barrier between his bum and he nappy to stop it getting sore. This seemed to work but again it took a while to clear up and kept coming back. On another trip to the doctors I bumped into a lovely lady who recommended metanium, which is a yellow chalk like cream that you apply in a really thin layer every nappy change. This worked so so well and cleared it up so quickly (like overnight) I can’t recommend it enough as it far exceeded the other two in terms of fixing the problem. I have found the other two good to use as a preventative measure when his bum is totally nappy rash free as they do create a barrier but metanium is deff best for curing πŸ™ŒπŸΌ again this issues was all caused because of his allergy to cows milk so I’ll explain more in my post about that.

Cradle cap – another issue made worse by the allergy was really bad cradle cap. Whilst it didn’t seem to bother Reu it wasn’t ideal as it looked a bit gross and seemed to stop his hair coming through as thickly as it wanted to. I of course asked the health visitors about it and they told me to put olive oil on it once a day. This didn’t work at all, I’ll say no more. We decided to find our own fix and James came across this stuff called Loyon. It comes in a little glass bottle and you spray or droplet it onto the head. I used way more then they recommended each application and left it on his head all day (they say three hours I think) and it started to lift pretty much immediately. I used a soft brush to sort of rub it in and then a comb to get the flakes out. It’s almost gone now and if it comes back a bit I just spray more on and it gets rid of it 😍

So there you have it 😊 I’ll keep sharing any more finds along the way…

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