My Top 5 “Got No Time” beauty tips…

So I’m not actually very good at makeup or hair or beauty stuff in general haha so feel free to close the page now. However, there are a few things I do to make me feel better about myself and convince others that I’m actually bothered about my appearance. For context I am for sure the type of gal who will happily go anywhere makeup free, and hit the swimming pool without having shaved my legs for a year, but for the sake of others (and my husband) I do try make a bit of an effort the majority of the time. Soooo here are my top five, non-ground breaking tips for speedy beauty that I do at least every day/week to keep me feeling fiiiiiiine…

1. Fake tan – if you watch my insta stories you’ll know that I love the Sienna X 1 hour fake tan. I may have over egged the pudding leaving it on 7 hours last time I used it but it really is fab for when you have zero time but still want a tan without having to wait overnight. I normally put it on either first thing before a shower or when Reu is napping. I feel SO much better when I have tannage on, as my mum put it when she saw me after the 7 hour incident…it makes you “look healthy” (polite for omg your sort of orange/brown but it’s ok cos you’re a new mum).
2. Nails – So obv, but shellac those toes and pinkies. I think having nice nails makes you feel more together as a person and from the outside gives off the impression that you have your shit together. I do my own and just bought a cheapy lamp from eBay which is still going strong three years on and I use the cco polishes from nail ninja. I realllllly have to stop myself picking them when they chip, so to combat this I often put a layer of glitter gold or silver on top of my colour as it helps disguise the chips and they last longer for it.
3. Hair – mine is falling out so much (I’ll blog about his later cos I’m trying to combat it) and the thing that takes me longest is brushing it when it’s wet. I also hate drying my hair in general so to combat two in one I only really wash it every 3/4 days now. I know this sounds scratty but it’s deffo helped with hair loss as the wet brushing is the worst culprit for this and it also saves me heaps of time in the morning as I only have my bod to dry. As well as washing it less I also use the Revlon Professional Uniq 1 (I get it off Amazon) and I don’t think I could brush my hair without it these days. It does loads of fancy stuff to your hair (apparently) but I just use it cos it helps the brush glide through so easily (tangle teaser essential). In my in between wash days I use dry shampoo and sometimes spray perfume on my brush before using it so it smells more lush and not rank and grubby. Nb. I don’t have a fringe but if I did I’d probs just wash that each day and leave the rest. When I do wash my hair I mostly do it in the evenings, so that if I want to tie it in a bun/plaits overnight I can do, then I have fancy waves the next day.
4. Makeup – not gna bore you with my routine (I actually already blogged about this and bored everyone before, soz- my make up isn’t even very good) but I do have one amazing product tip to keep it on all day (despite lots of face touching by baby and me) and it’s called the Urban Decay All Nighter. A couple of spritzes and it means you don’t have to top up your makeup all day long πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
5. Wrinkle prevention and bag reduction – so I have deffo blogged about this first tip before, the jade roller, so I won’t go into detail but a couple of rolls on my face in the morning and I feel so much more awake and it helps to reduce puffiness and eye bags (essential for me for obv reasons) and it literally takes two seconds. In terms of wrinkle prevention, I always always try to either moisturise with creams or oils before bed. I don’t spend ages massaging it into my face and some nights I just put it under my eyes but I try always do it in some capacity. I keep my creams close to my bed so if I remember and have just got in I don’t actually have to move in order to do it. I forget all the time so I think if I did have to move I probs just wouldn’t bother. Sometimes when I’m feeling at my laziest I take my makeup off with a cream and just keep wiping till the cotton pad is clean…two birds one stone, just probs not a beautician approved technique. I also always put moisturiser on pre makeup out of habit, and for the record I get id’d for a lottery tickets all the time so it must be working an absolute treat.

I mean I did tell you at the start it wasn’t ground breaking but these 5 bad boys work for me…


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