Scent-sational πŸ™ˆ – What I Wear and When

I’m a really nosey person and love to know everything about everyone (in a non gossipy way!) and find weird things like whether or not someone wears one perfume all the time or one for going out and one for work really interesting ha! I just like to know what other people’s habits are and how they differ to mine, so I thought I’d make use of a nice picture I took of my perfume (I often take casual snaps of perfume, nothing to do with wanting a nice pic for my insta feed 😳) and talk through the ones I wear and why. An incredibly boring read I imagine but if you came onto my blog to read it then you only have yourself to blame πŸ˜‚

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The NEOM-I Campbell of Relaxation Products

Before I begin can I just say how proud of my title I am, I mean c’monnnnnn, I’m a literary genius am I not!…

So Reu has started to sleep much better at night, either all the way through or up once for a feed. Unfortunately I seem to have taken on a role reversal and find it impossible to switch off and get to sleep- meaning I lay awake for literally hours on end listening to him sleep and wishing I could follow in his newly trodden footsteps.

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[Jade] Rolling my Way Through the Week

So I bought these strange looking beauty rollers a few years back and used to use them every day at first then after the novelty wore off a couple of times a week as part of, what was, my beauty regime (haven’t had one of these since I had a baba) and have recently rediscovered them at the bottom off makeup bag so thought I’d share a blog about them…

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