How I got my baby to sleep through…

…I didn’t, another click bait title I can only apologise for 😂…

So I thought I’d make a list of all my thoughts on baby sleep as it’s been far from plain sailing/10 hours night for me…ill keep it simple and to the point and apologise in advance if I annoy anyone- I have full respect for babies that sleep well (do I though, or am I just pissed off at them…)
Disclaimer…these are my experiences, take them or leave them…I’m too tired to care…

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The boobs and the bees…explaining Breastfeeding to children…

Formula is normula but breast can also be best…

So if you didn’t know, it’s breast feeding celebration week 🍒 and as you probably do know I don’t breast feed, but in the same way I hate it when people judge bottle feeders I also hate judges of breast feeders. After all they didn’t create the phrase “breast is best”…it really only exists cos it rhymes. I’m sure if breast rhymed with “good” that saying would be “breast is good”…I’d like to bow down and accept your praise for my new “formula is normula” saying at this point 😂…you are very welcome!

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Top 3 off the shelf remedies for eczema, cradle cap & nappy rash

Eczema – Reu has suffered from really bad eczema since he was born pretty much. We have recently learnt this is due to a cows milk allergy but up until that point we tried so many lotions and potions to try combat the dryness and itchiness so I thought I’d share our learnings. It was so bad at points that he was making himself bleed and we even had a visit to the hospital when the rash got so extreme we worried it may be something more sinister. At first I just mentioned it to the health visitors at clinic and they prescribed me some Epaderm, this really didn’t agree with Reu’s skin, it was almost greasy and made it flare up worse so we soon sacked that one off and I went back to clinic for more advice.
This time they gave us Oilatum for the bath, this worked for about a month then he seemed to become sort of immune to it and it started to make things worse.
So, back to clinic I went, feeling like a hypochondriac mum! This time they gave me some Oilatum cream…I mean this worked ok but I had to put so much on about 6 times a day for it to have any effect and it wasn’t pleasant for Reu and didn’t help a great deal as he was still itching and scratching loads.
I’d enough of being fobbed off by now as I pretty much knew it was due to an allergy so insisted on seeing the doctor. She prescribed us with some derma silk vests for him to wear at night, these were good and helped with the scratching but didn’t solve the problem, just helped manage it. They were also totally impractical for warmer nights as they were long sleeve and, whilst really thin, too hot to sleep in. She also prescribed some zero base emollient cream which was actually pretty good, the best so far by a long was as it was a lot less greasy, absorbed well and seemed to calm the redness down.
So that’s what the doctors gave us.. but one day Reu was at my mums house and I forgot the cream. She suffers from really really bad psoriasis and had been using Aveeno to try help, so when it came to cream application time she used this instead. IT WAS AMAZING! I’d seen the Jenifer Aniston ads and thought it was a bit of a fad but the cream is totally amazing, sort of like water in a cream. Really soothing, not greasy, thin but effective and makes the skin so smooth and really helped to calm down the eczema. I would highly recommend! This wasn’t the baby specific one but it says on the front suitable for babies over three months and you can actually get it on prescription, but I think it must be the most pricey as I wasn’t offered it. I’m going to do a separate post on the cows milk allergy which sort of concludes his eczema story as it’s been such a traumatic experience!

Nappy rash – when Reu was prescribed a special milk for his suspected allergy it made him get really terrible nappy rash. We’re talking open sores and a bit of blood, my poor little man 😩But honestly I had been to the doctors so many times I was starting to get a complex and felt like I needed to find a solution myself. I started with sudocrem (obv) but it seemed to sting his bum and he’d cry loads when I put it on so I stopped pretty pronto. I then tried bepanthum which seemed to help and cleared it up, but quite slowly and I had to use loads each application. I then decided to start using bepanthum directly on his skin then layered sudocrem on top to create a barrier between his bum and he nappy to stop it getting sore. This seemed to work but again it took a while to clear up and kept coming back. On another trip to the doctors I bumped into a lovely lady who recommended metanium, which is a yellow chalk like cream that you apply in a really thin layer every nappy change. This worked so so well and cleared it up so quickly (like overnight) I can’t recommend it enough as it far exceeded the other two in terms of fixing the problem. I have found the other two good to use as a preventative measure when his bum is totally nappy rash free as they do create a barrier but metanium is deff best for curing 🙌🏼 again this issues was all caused because of his allergy to cows milk so I’ll explain more in my post about that.

Cradle cap – another issue made worse by the allergy was really bad cradle cap. Whilst it didn’t seem to bother Reu it wasn’t ideal as it looked a bit gross and seemed to stop his hair coming through as thickly as it wanted to. I of course asked the health visitors about it and they told me to put olive oil on it once a day. This didn’t work at all, I’ll say no more. We decided to find our own fix and James came across this stuff called Loyon. It comes in a little glass bottle and you spray or droplet it onto the head. I used way more then they recommended each application and left it on his head all day (they say three hours I think) and it started to lift pretty much immediately. I used a soft brush to sort of rub it in and then a comb to get the flakes out. It’s almost gone now and if it comes back a bit I just spray more on and it gets rid of it 😍

So there you have it 😊 I’ll keep sharing any more finds along the way…

Sometimes I feel like a “Teen Mom”…

So before I had a baby it only felt like about a year since I was at uni, being a standard early 20’s student drinking most week nights and generally living the youthful dream. In reality it’s been 11 years since I started my degree and just the thought of going clubbing makes me feel hungover, with my preference always leaning toward a nice dinner and drinks out over any form of social drinking environment 😩

Despite my change in preference for drinking I still feel pretty young (I mean I’m 29 so I am young still but you know what I mean!) and I sometimes can’t believe I have a baby. I look at other mums and they look really mum-y, like they really fit the bill. Then I look at myself and think, do they look at me and think I look really young and under qualified to parent?!

I watch the mum-y mums playing and singing and knowing all the words to all the nursery rhymes and I’m sat there humming along cos I know no words and my preference is to sing Craig David “Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were making out by Wednesday…” (I’m not convinced Reu actually enjoys this) or the theme tune to fresh prince (a show I’ve recently started watching re-runs of 👌🏼👌🏼).

Despite this I have little desire to learn the words to wind the bobbin up, I mean how retro, someone needs to invent some more up to date tunes about ipads or something relevant…what actually is a bobbin…

I sometimes find when I’ve been to one of my classes with some of the mums that really know their shit about babies (like when they’re meant to do stuff like roll) that I feel a bit deflated, and guilty for getting bored of playing with all Reu’s toys with him after about ten minutes and maybe popping a cheeky cbbc kids show on for 20 minutes. Then I remember he’s four months and not 100% sure what’s going on and I feel ok again, and that ten minutes of playing for him is probs pretty tiring 😃 (I mean I’m exhausted so he surely is too).

I also find that hanging out with like minded mums really helps, I always feel like I’m winning at life after an afternoon with my mummy friends as they always reassure me that I’m bossing motherhood and most of the time feel the same as me ✌🏼(I think wine Wednesday probs helps too).

So yeah, sometimes I feel like a teen mum who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on (ps I’m sure a lot of teen mums do know what’s going on, I’m using the MTV show as my reference point for the title 😂) but my baby smiles loads so who really cares 👶🏻 I’m fairly sure mummy’s of latter day got by without knowing exactly what’s what all the time ✌🏼

Ps I find it really hard to match pictures to my posts so they are pretty random!

My Week of Healthy Eating

So when I say week of healthy I more mean I’m not eating crap throughout the day. It’s not really that healthy and just food I like in moderation 😊 Through doing it last week I lost 2 pounds, and felt loads better in terms of energy and just general wellbeing. I’m not a very good cook so soz in advance…

Porridge and honey
Recipe: I use a handful of oats and a glug of semi skimmed milk to cover the oats then 1 minute in the microwave

Chicken Salad
Recipe: slice up a chicken breast and cook at 200 for ten mins. Once cooked add to as many salad leaves as you fancy, half an avocado sliced, some sliced red onion and sliced raw mushrooms then dress with natural yogurt dressing (Nat yog, lemon juice, a grated garlic clove, capers, salt, pepper and olive oil)

Chilli stuffed peppers

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Recipe: chilli – 500g 5% fat mince beef, 1 chopped onion, 1/2 chopped peppers, 1 tin kidney beans in chilli sauce, 1 tin chopped toms, 2 tablespoons tom purée, 1 tablespoon black treacle, 2 teaspoons chilli powder, 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 2 teaspoons chilli paste (I also had some mushrooms so I chopped them in too).
Peppers -You then just half two peppers and stuff with the chilli (I use left over chilli, don’t make it fresh for this dish so it usually has some rice mixed in too) cook for ten mins then add cheese on top and cook for five more mins.
Sides – I chopped up two handfuls of new potatoes into quarters and covered in oil and some dry seasoning (use any) then cooked for 40 mins. I also steamed some long stem broccoli 😊

1 slice of honey on toast

Leftovers – Chicken Salad, stuffed pepper & avocado

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetRecipe: As above (all leftover from Monday)


Smoked haddock, cauliflower and pea pie with mash topping

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetRecipe: Poach 300g smoked haddock in 400ml semi skimmed milk for about ten mins (from cold milk to hot) – aim isn’t to cook the fish but to flavour the milk. Use the milk to create a sauce using the flower and butter roux method – add plenty of salt and pepper. Par boil half a cauliflower then drain and put it in an ovenproof proof dish. Layer the smoked haddock on top (in bite size pieces), cover with a couple of handfuls of frozen peas, throw on the sauce then top with mash (we used a ready made M&S one). Cook at 180 for 20 minutes then add some cheese on top (we used Parmesan) then cook again for another 10/15 mins.


Bowl of sultana bran


Went out for lunch so had baked potatoes and beans with a side salad and coleslaw


Sausage (I only ate two of the sausages), broccoli and potatoes

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetRecipe: sausages follow the packet, broccoli two minutes in a tuppaware with a bit of water in the microwave, potatoes- half and cover in oil and dry seasoning then cook at 190 for 40 minutes 



1 slice Nutella on brown toast


I was bad today and had a latte at lunch time then a Love Brownie and some prosecco at my friends house early afternoon, as well as some strawberries and some nuts haha!


Baked salmon with spiced caluflower and rice

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Recipe: Microwave the cauliflower in a little water for two minutes then drain, add a little oil and season with dry seasoning, put in the oven at 190 for 30 minutes. Put salmon in foil package and season with salt and pepper and add to the oven for 15 minutes. The spicey rice is Uncle Bens so just microwave at the end before plating up. 



Bowl of sultana bran


Left over fish pie


Beef salad

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Recipe: This is a rump steak and James seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked it in a hot pan for 3 minutes each side then left to rest for 5 minutes before slicing, he also pan fried a few onions in the meat juice. To go with the steak he roasted some new potatoes in oil at 200 for 40 mins and popped some broccoli in for 20 mins and it went nice and charred. He added it all to a bag of salad and a mustard, oil and balsamic dressing.



Honey on 1 slice of brown toast


Mackeral salad

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Recipe: Blister packed chilli mackerel broken up on half a bag of salad, some sliced mushrooms and cover with balsamic and oil. Left over rice on the side too. 


Moules frites

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Recipe: we used one pack from Booths of blister packed moules in white wine sauce and just followed the instructions and served with oven fries.



Scrambled egg and tomato on toast

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Naughty again but I knew we were having a bigish dinner so James and I shared a slice of chocolate cake with a ball of ice cream.


Spicey roast chicken, Spring greens and crushed new potatoes

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetRecipe: We bought a spicey spatchcock chicken that you cook in the tray then served with new potatoes which we boiled then crushed and added old bay (this is amazing and the dry spice I always refer to) seasoning alongside some M&S Spring greens that you microwave 👌🏼

Drinks: everyday I have a cup of tea with breakfast, Diet Coke with lunch and cordial throughout the day. I also had a glass of wine on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Snacks: After dinner each night we had one hotel chocolat chocolate each (crazy kids). If I got hungry in the day I ate gherkins and the odd apple here and there.