Love Brownies – Best Brownies EVER

So this week a lovely friend bought me 6 delicious brownies from the amazing Love Brownies in Ilkley. The cute little shop is located just off the main car park in the centre of town and is a really lovely place to visit for a drink and obv a brownie (it’s pretty small so not one for massive groups I’d say).

The brownies come packaged in individual little paper cases inside a larger green box depending on how many you buy.

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Boomf – A surprise gift that made my day!

Yesterday I received some boomf marshmallows for the first time. I’ve heard of them (isn’t the company owned by Kate Middlestons brother?!) and normally this sort of thoughtful gift is right up my street but to be honest I thought they looked a bit of a fad. I mean how random is a picture printed on a marshmallow- scraping the barrel of personalised gifts right there are they not?!

How wrong I was…the gift was totally unexpected (which always makes it nicer) and given to be my one of my new mummy friends Maria (what a thoughtful little cutey).

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Photo Wall Love

I love photos, I don’t have a fancy camera or anything and all my photos are taken on my iPhone and are mostly printed in Boots (Ilkley) as I’m normally too impatient to wait for them to be delivered online or venture into Leeds to a more specialist print shop.

When we moved into our flat I was keen to create a feature wall in the snug and wanted to team it with a place to display some of our many snaps.

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