Mokee Wool Nest Review


When we got pregnant and I started to think about baby furniture and accessories, had it been up to me I would have ordered these the day of the first scan, luckily James made me wait until we were at least 30 weeks for fear of tempting fate.

I wanted to try find pieces that would blend into our home and match our style as opposed to making our house look like a newly renovated child minders, especially given the fact that we were maintaining our spare room and simply popping a nursery in the corner.

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Our Not So Nursery, Nursery

I wanted to share some pics of our “nursery”, which is actually just an alcove in our spare room which we have designated to all things baby. I sometimes feel a bit guilty that we haven’t dedicated the whole room to Reunah but my thought process was that he’s a baby and doesn’t really have a clue what nursery is anyway, so for now we are far better keeping our spare room as exactly that, but with the added extra of a mini nursery in the corner.

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