To pouch or not to pouch…weaning guilt…

Well, who actually knew there were so many ways to feel like a bad parent 😱 and that something as joyous as food could be the root of some pretttty heavy parent guilt (I feel I should answer my rhetorical question here and say “naaaat me sista”).

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Party Accessories

Little post on all the bits I bought for Reu’s party. I love shopping around and getting a bargs so may as well sum it all up on here:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloon – from eBay Β£1.49 free postage

Really great quality and so cheap. You need a pump but I used the one I got with my maternity ball thing. They self seal and everyone loved them.

34 inch blue 1 balloon – from eBay Β£3.89 free postage. I mean it did the job, blew up easy with a pump and is still going strong nearly 2 weeks later.

General blue balloons for balloon garland – from eBay and I bought 2 packs (40 balloons) of cool blue and 1 pack (20 balloons) of blue which made one large and one small garland.

Party hats (pic above) – these were so cute that I’m going to leave them out in the playroom. They are from eBay again and just Β£1.99 with free postage!!!! You get 11, two of which are crowns. We didn’t really use them on the babies as they didn’t like them but good for photo opps. You did have to assemble them but it was really easy.

Happy Birthday cake sign and gold ONE – given I’m not on to the novelty cakes yet I wanted to make it look classy but v obviously for a first bday party. With this you had to tie the banner onto the paper straws it came with but other than that it was all already made. I have made one of these before but it was a real faff and this one was really lovely and I could probs use the bday banner part again. It’s from Amazon and was Β£6.99

For the rest of the decorations I just printed a lot of pictures of Reu and made a garland on twine with wooden pegs around the room 😍 still have this is now as can’t bring myself to remove it πŸ’™

I also bought:

Paper plates from poundland – they were so great and came in silver of gold (really shiny like a mirror). They were obv Β£1 for 10 plates (large dinner plates)

Tablecloth from Amazon (won’t let me link it but from unique party) – this was plastic and wipeable and only Β£1.99 for two

Plastic cutlery from Amazon (again can’t link but from the Amazon basics range) – Β£5.75 for 150 piece set of knives, forks and spoons. They were clear plastic and v sturdy

That’s it I think πŸ₯‚πŸ’₯🍹🎊🎁🎈

Reunah’s Birthday Gifts

I’m not going to list them all, but want to post about a few as I got some mega bargs that are really lovely quality and Reu loves them. I’m basically a child myself so wanted to fill Reu’s playroom with as many things as poss so a lot of them are things I really shopped around for at a cheaper prices.

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Travelling long haul with a baby…

Haven’t blogged in ages, life just got in the way, but I have been on a long haul flight and thought it a good place to start for a new post.

I’m still actually in America and really want to write a post about holidaying with a baby but this post is just about the travelling (I’ll write the other when I’m back)…

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