So I’m a real lover of a nice glass of wine, but if you asked me to tell you about the grape, what to pair it with or its “bouquet” I would look at you blankly and proceed to down said wine.

My brother, Oliver, on the other hand is a real wine buff, and has a real passion for wine investing monthly in a cellar and drinking only the ones he really appreciates (unlike me who would go straight to the “Β£2 off this bottle” sign on the shelf to aid my selection).


(This is Oliver next to a famous wine sign?!)

Despite not knowing much about wine, I really would love to learn: partly to sound good at dinner parties but also, since having a baby and going 9 months without wine, I only really want to drink the stuff I really like – especially given the hangovers I now get, it’s just not worth wasting these on bad wine!

The reviews will be simple (an idiots guide you could say) talking about the grape, smell, taste and what to eat it with. It will be the basics you need to know in order to learn what you like and what goes well with what (I do think this is sometimes subject to personal opinion – so this is just our opinion, no comments arguing please 😜). Where possible we’ll link to a place to buy or if it’s super prices we’ll try recommend a similar reasonably priced version.

Hope you enjoy 🍷